[OpenSIPS-Users] PAID not in resent INVITE from Failure Block

Ben Newlin Ben.Newlin at genesys.com
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Are you by chance adding the PAID/RPID headers in a branch route? Changes to a SIP message made in a branch route exist only in that branch, and will not be present in the failure route.

Ben Newlin

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Subject: [OpenSIPS-Users] PAID not in resent INVITE from Failure Block
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I have an OpenSIPS 2.3 instance, where we are sending a call to the next hop and are receiving a 403 forbidden. This is expected and we need to update the from or to header and resend the call to the same destination whish will accept this. we do not make any other changed in the failure route, nor want to.

This is working, however, the additional PAID and RPID headers, which were added by OpenSIPs before the INVITE was t_relayed are missing from the updated INVITE, ( the from header is modified.)

The documentation implies that the headers should be there:

Processing : the original SIP request (that was sent out)

There is nothing in the failure route to cause the headers to be dropped.

Therefore is this by design? i.e. additional headers are dropped and need to be re-applied, they are missing because the 403 did not contain them or is this a bug and the headers should be there?

INVITE (with PAID & RPID  headers) ->

<- 403 forbidden (no PAID or RPID)

INVITE (no PAID & RPID  headers) ->   (this just has the from header modified)

Regards, Richard

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