[OpenSIPS-Users] uac auth not able to authentication during invite.

Harsh Patel harsh.patel at inextrix.com
Fri Feb 24 12:55:47 UTC 2023


I am trying to implement uac authentication,

My flow is SIP -> Opensips -> PBX(Register extension as trunk) -> PBX send 407/401 send re-invite -> PBX send 403.

I have called uac_auth(); in failover, function using this Authentication token header add in Invite but after PBX send 403.

Code snap.
loadmodule "uac.so"
loadmodule "uac_auth.so"

      if($rs == '407' || $rs == '401'){
failure_route[1] {
$avp(10) = $avp(uac_realm);
$avp(11) = "USER_NAME";
$avp(12) = "PASSWORD";//Try with normal password and 0x HASH password as well.
      if (uac_auth()) {
            xlog ("$ci Authentication successfull\n");
      } else {
            xlog ("$ci Authentication FAILED\n");

I see in log uac_auth return success so it goes in if condition but fails two authentications.

Can anyone help me to solve this issue?
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