[OpenSIPS-Users] SST min_se lower than both UA Session-Expires

Wadii ELMAJDI | Evenmedia wadii at evenmedia.fr
Tue Feb 28 16:55:23 UTC 2023

Hello, question related to sst module.
Suppose a use case on which the UAC (A) offers during the invite Session-Expires : 4000, MIN-SE :90
UAS (B) configured sessions-expires=5000s but responds : "Session-Expires : 4000, refresher=uas" to match UAC's request.
That means at roughly 2000 seconds the refresher (UAS (B) in our example) must send a re-invite request to keep the dialog alive. (halftime as expected #RFC 4028#)
In the middle of both UAS and UAC an opensips box acting as a proxy running sst module and min_se configured on default value (1800s) (no sstCheckMin)
Opensips won't change anything related to the use of session times headers since the UAC requested it already, but still will set the dialog expiry date to initial invite time + 1800s, expecting a re invite before timeout, But since both UA agreed on 4000s SE, the reinvite will happen at +2000s. This will cause opensips upon reaching dialog lifetime (1800s), to trigger BYEs both ways hanging up the call.
Is this normal behavior ?

Thank you.

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