[OpenSIPS-Users] Does sl_send_reply auto-generated a Contact Header in it's response?

mwb mwbazdarich at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 18 16:45:12 EST 2021

Hello,Thanks in advance for the help. Resending as I didn't realize I no longer subscribed to this list when I sent last night.
I am running OpenSIPS 2.1 and using the sl_send_reply method (from the sl module) to send 302 Redirects for LCR Routing. Does sl_send_reply automatically generate a Contact Header in the reply based on the RURI of the INVITE that establishes the transaction? I have found that there is a Contact Header showing up in the 302 generated by sl_send_reply that is not present prior to the method being called. Is sl_send_reply generating this Contact Header? If so, is it possible to change this behavior? 
The issue is that I am already constructing another Contact header and appending it using "append_to_reply" but the unknown Contact is also being sent and inadvertently being used as a Redirect (when the other options are exhausted).
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