[OpenSIPS-Users] Auto process scaling (UDP worker) and crashes

Gregory Massel greg at switchtel.co.za
Wed Feb 17 14:00:14 EST 2021


Is anyone successfully using auto process scaling on a high volume system?

I've been having a number of issues, including excessive system load, 
deadlocks on the UDP worker processes and segmentation faults, both once 
running as well as in the attendant (starter) process.

While I haven't yet been able to establish a conclusive reason, one of 
the changes that I implemented in the last week was to enable an 

Unfortunately my init scripts weren't set up to collect core dumps, so I 
cannot establish with any certainty the exact point at which the past 
segfaults occurred. I have now corrected these so that, going forward, I 
should be able to obtain backtraces. But there mere fact that average 
system load has been ~33% less in the hour since restarting with auto 
scaling disabled versus the hour prior (despite traffic levels being 
similar) is, in itself, quite curious.



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