[OpenSIPS-Users] Strange behavior on ipv4 / ipv6 dual stack server with/without mhomed

Daniel Lakeland dlakelan at street-artists.org
Mon Oct 23 10:51:35 EDT 2017

On 10/23/2017 06:11 AM, Răzvan Crainea wrote:
> Hi, Daniel!
> My assumption is that have double Record Routing[1] disaabled. That's 
> why it seems OpenSIPS is not figuring out corrrectly the outbound 
> interface for sequential messages. Could you send a SIP trace done on 
> the OpenSIPS server (privately if posting here is an issue)?
> This also explains the 30 seconds timeout - if asterisk is not 
> receiving the ACK within 30 seconds, it closes the call. 

I haven't explicitly disabled this in the script. I'm using a script 
built on the standard residential script... by now it's moderately 

The 30 second timeout was because of create_dialog("PpB") and the pings 
were not being sent out the correct socket so it wasn't receiving 
replies and OpenSips was killing the call from the middle. (I have 
packet traces and logs that show this).

The only parameter I have for rr module is

modparam("rr", "append_fromtag", 0)

which I believe was put there by the template as I have no idea what it 
means and so I wouldn't have put it there myself.

I do see two record route headers in one example sip-trace that I just 
looked at. The outgoing call is heading from asterisk via ipv6 to the 
proxy and then via ipv4 to the sip trunk... record route headers look like

Record-Route: <sip:x.x.x.x;r2=on;lr;did=0f2.6185fc54>
Record-Route: <sip:[2600:blablablablamyhost];r2=on;lr;did=0f2.6185fc54>

Showing that indeed Opensips has recorded itself twice in the route.

Thanks for taking some time with this!

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