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Hi Ben,

You can use the local route to do routing on the outgoing requests - 
like doing drouting, or usrloc lookups. But in B2B mode, some signaling 
related functionalities, like dialog support, accounting support will 
not work (because you do not have a proxy transaction, but only a UAC 
one) - of course, you can do manual ACC (directly from via script 


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On 16.12.2014 22:41, Newlin, Ben wrote:
> I have been reading through the documentation for the B2BUA 
> functionality. I want to use a B2BUA while also having many of the 
> proxy functionalities like drouting, accounting, etc. However, it is 
> indicated that they do not work easily together.
> The B2BUA Tutorial says this:
> A solution is to consider that b2bua is a separate instance (logically 
> speaking) which selects types/classes of destinations. A proxy 
> instance will responsible for routing inside the class of destinations.
> It is also noted in the tutorial that outgoing requests from the B2BUA 
> module will trigger local_route processing. So my question is this:
> Can the proxy functions be performed in local_route, prior to sending 
> out the message? Would any callbacks registered for the message in 
> local_route take precedence over the B2B routing logic?
> Or must the message be actually sent out, via loopback ideally, so 
> that it can be received again and processed as a proxy?
> Also, is there any plan to implement Binary Interface replication for 
> the B2BUA module like it was done with Dialog and UsrLoc for faster 
> failover?
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