[OpenSIPS-Users] dispatch to Asterisk cluster behind NAT

Ovidiu Sas osas at voipembedded.com
Tue Nov 29 04:55:00 CET 2011

What are you looking for is a pretty common scenario (opensips
frontending a NATed cluster of asterisk servers).  You will need to
use rtpproxy to pass media between the public and the private network.
Opensips can sit at the edge of your private network (with one
interface on the public network and the other one on the private
network) or it can sit inside the private network (and some port
forwarding is required on the firewall).

Ovidiu Sas

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 10:25 PM, Matt Hamilton <mistral9999 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I have been using the dispatcher module to route calls to an Asterisk
> cluster with 2 servers. Initially all the servers and the phones had public
> IPs, so there was no need for NAT.
> Our requirements have changed - we will end up having 1 public IP on the
> server side (phones will have public IPs), so I'm planning to assign that to
> the Opensips server, and put the asterisk cluster behind NAT.
> Opensips Server
> nic1:   (public ip)
> nic2:
> dispatch to:
> Asterisk serverA
> Asterisk serverB
> Is this doable in Opensips? Even if it is, does it make sense; i.e. is it an
> OK design? Is there a better architecture I should look into (maybe put
> everything behind NAT)?
> Thanks,
> Matt

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