[OpenSIPS-Users] [Fwd: [Serdev] the sip router project]

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Thu Nov 6 16:28:19 CET 2008

On Thursday 06 November 2008, Jiri Kuthan wrote:
> Dan Pascu wrote:
> > On Thursday 06 November 2008, Jiri Kuthan wrote:
> >> Hi Dan,
> >>
> >> I'm very sorry for yourself you have chosen to advocate Bogdan's
> >> email. Surely I have been ironic in responding to it,
> >
> > I was not advocating Bogdan's email, I was criticizing your attempt
> > to belittle and demonize the other party in an attempt to elevate
> > your position by contrast.
> Well I think it is perfectly right  to express my opinion about
> 1) forking is a bad thing 2) as is sending poisoning emails about
> unforking. I understand that yet-another-fork initiators do  not like
> this opinion and that's I guess all I can say about it.

I couldn't care less how many opinions you express. But you seem to 
mistake expressing opinions with being rude, condescending or sarcastic 
towards those that do not agree with you. If nothing else, this thread 
completely enlightened me about the kind of rule the new joint project 
will be under.


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