[OpenSIPS-Users] [Fwd: [Serdev] the sip router project]

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Thu Nov 6 12:24:39 CET 2008

I will simply ignore this email as I find it extremely rude and 
completely disconnected from reality.

Only a single note: there is no bitterness and negativism - only keeping 
my feet on the ground and looking further the glorious words and 
political movements. Simply being realistic.

Let's say I have inside information as you come with the same proposal 
to me (to merge opensips into ser) and based on this I have my own 
understanding of the reasons and of the goals of this un-forking. 
Unfortunately everything is pure politics and survival.


Jiri Kuthan wrote:
> Hi Bogdan,
> first of all, I find particular bitterness and negativism in your email
> -- I sincerely hope you will find that actually this project is aimed
> very positively, and will find your ways to contribute to its success.
> Of course that's not invitation just to you, but to anyone seriosly
> contributing to SER (and all of its variants). I think we have had
> enough forking confusion and we better spend time on developing SER
> as opposed to balkanizing it.

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