Practice leads to perfection

The OpenSIPS Bootcamp is an in-class training, a five days (40 hours) intensive and practical training, covering installation, configuration and administration on OpenSIPS

All the knowledge transferred to the students will be strongly backed up by practice sessions where you will get hands-on experience in handling OpenSIPS. The training is structured to be offer 50% / 50% between the theoretical and practical sessions. Optionally, an certification exam, to proof the knowledge consolidation during the training, can be sustained on request after the end of the course.

Some Great Reasons to Attend:

  • Learn OpenSIPS from the experts
  • Develop communication applications based on one of the most popular SIP servers in the market
  • Provide technical support as a master, reducing the time to solve problems
  • Reduce the time to implement a project
  • Enhance your consulting career by becoming an OpenSIPS Certified Professional

Does it sound interesting? Go for a free, no-commitment pre-registration, so we may learn your options.

Bootcamp Syllabus

The complete syllabus of the training


Service Providers, Mobile Operators or Carriers seeking Open Source platforms to enhance their businesses:
  • Anyone seeking proficiency in OpenSIPS
  • Network Consultants and VARs who need a jump start in the technology
  • Developers who want to use OpenSIPS to create new telephony applications and appliances


Locations & Dates

The Locations & Dates for future OpenSIPS Bootcamps are dynamically decided based on the profile of the potential participants. If you decided to attend to a OpenSIPS Bootcamp session, your pre-registration will help us to decide where and when to schedule the next sessions.

The pre-registration process is only a data collection, it does not guarantee any seat reservation or commitment from the organizers. The provided data is not to be shared or publish with any other public or private parties, it will be exclusively and privately used by the OpenSIPS Bootcamp organizers in order to pick up the best locations and dates for the next training's, according to the students wishes.


A minimal set of skill is required in order to have the best performance during the training:

  • Basic Linux knowledge
  • Basic text edition
  • Basic SIP protocol (Free online learning - OpenSIPS Quickstart
  • Basic OpenSIPS Knowledge (Free online learning - OpenSIPS Quickstart
  • Programming logic knowledge (you won't need to program, but you need to understand logical concepts applied to the dial-plan)

Event Tickets

Individual Passes:
Individual Pass
$ 2700

Early Bird Price

Individual Pass
$ 3000

Regular Price

Double seat Passes:
2 Seats Pass
$ 4800

Early Bird Price

2 Seats Pass
$ 5400

Regular Price


Frequently Asked Questions

You should know Linux, SIP and the basics of OpenSIPS. The OpenSIPS quickstart training is available at udemy. Ask for a free coupon after registering
The training is of an Intermediary Level. Linux knowledge will help on Labs!
Yes, there is a 50% discount for the waiting list. The waiting list will be cleared at October 1st.

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