[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS and Asterisk on same system

Dylan Cruz dylan at regtelco.com
Tue Mar 14 00:26:21 UTC 2023

I'd love a sample OpenSIPS Config that would let me accomplish using it as
a transparent proxy to Asterisk running on the same system. I found a few
tutorials but found a lot of conflicting information and outdated sources,
Once I have that I will have enough to work on to do what I want...
Basically I would like OpenSIPS to sit between the outside world and
Asterisk, Incoming & Outgoing would both transparently be proxied through
it. OpenSIPS would be running on port 5060 & Asterisk would be running on
port 5090, So for example to register to a SIP Trunk from a VoIP provider
my Asterisk sip.conf would look like this: (I know chan_sip is

*outboundproxy= <> ; Route everything
through OpenSIPS*



I would then be able to talk to both of those trunks from Asterisk and have
inbound & outbound calls working all the way through to the VoIP provider.

My purpose for wanting to do this is I want to play around with the SIP-I
module in OpenSIPS to interwork ISUP IAM fields by breaking them out into
SIP Headers that I can then manipulate easily in Asterisk.

Full disclosure: I am a complete OpenSIPS noob! This would be my first
OpenSIPS project, I am very impressed with its capabilities and by having a
little sample config it would allow me to experiment and start my journey
of getting my feet wet with it!

Thanks in advance!
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