[OpenSIPS-Users] request uri in failure routes

Richard Revels rrevels at bandwidth.com
Wed Sep 21 15:12:06 UTC 2022

Thank You Sir.  I will adjust my config accordingly.


On Tue, Sep 20, 2022 at 7:58 AM Bogdan-Andrei Iancu <bogdan at opensips.org>

> Hi Richard,
> having in failure route the initial RURI is the expected behavior. The
> idea of failure route is to re-take the process of routing and adding new
> branches, totally independent of the branches you tried before (the new
> attempts should start from the same "msg" as the previous branches)
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> Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
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> On 9/20/22 12:39 AM, Richard Revels wrote:
> It appears to me that if I set the request uri in a route block and then
> use t_relay(,"somedestination proxy") to send the call that when it hits
> the failure route (in opensips 3.2.8) the request uri has been set back to
> the original uri when the call came in to the proxy.
> Is this expected behaviour?  Probably should start with is this my
> imagination but it seems to be the case.
> The scenario is that i set a request uri in the route block and a route
> header in the branch route and send the call through an outbound proxy and
> then in the failure route i change the route header and simply send
> straight to the domain in the request uri but that has since reverted so my
> INVITE comes back to my proxy on loopback.
> I can adjust my config but want to be sure i understand what is happening
> first.
> Richard Revels
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