[OpenSIPS-Users] Using use_next_gw with partitions

Marcin Groszek marcin at voipplus.net
Sat Sep 10 22:52:43 UTC 2022

I was able to use $var(matched_partition) and save it to a dialog to be 
used in use_next_gw().

Second question remains.

On 9/10/2022 4:36 PM, Marcin Groszek wrote:
> drouting module:
> use_next_gw() does not allow for wildcard in partition
> How do I get a partition name to be used in use_next_gw() if first 
> gateway fails?
> Perhaps I should be little more specific. opensips version 3.1.5
> multiple partitions, wild card is used in do_routing() but if specify 
> gateway fails then I am unable to use use_next_gw() without knowing 
> name of the partition. Is there a var that I can pull when 1st gateway 
> fails to be used in use_next_gw(,,,"$avp(partition_name)")  ?
> second question, how can I exclude partitions from wildcard in 
> do_routing(), for now we use groupid do distinguish between routes. 
> Can wild card such  "cus*" or "carrier*" be used as a wildcard, where  
> partition names would be cus_1, cus_2, cus3...carrier_1, carrier_2...
> Wen we send the call to carrier I wish to search only "carrier*", if 
> possible.
Best Regards:
Marcin Groszek
Business Phone Service

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