[OpenSIPS-Users] opensips federate cluster - 407 response from different node

Chester Lee chester at zigbang.com
Tue May 10 15:30:27 UTC 2022

Hello everyone, I'd like to ask about my troubles.

I set up a federate cluster with mongodb with opensips 3.2.5.

It has 2 nodes - node 1 and node 3.
1. One UAC which is registered on node 1 makes a call to one UAC which is
registered on node 3.
2. node 1 lookup cachedb and get to know that callee is on node 3.
3. node 1 sends INVITE to node 3.
4. node 3 responses 407 with different nonce value.
5. node 1 just transfer 407 to tje caller with new nonce value from node 3.
6. The caller sends INVITE with authenticate with nonce value from node 3.
But node 1 denies with 407 because the authenticate is not for node 1.

How can I make a call between different nodes?

Thank you
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