[OpenSIPS-Users] Erasing statistics groups from memory

Wadii ELMAJDI | Evenmedia wadii at evenmedia.fr
Fri Dec 2 13:56:37 UTC 2022


I am using statistics module to store CPS data on demand (via an external variable shv_set), keys are current seconds ,example :

opensips-cli -x mi get_statistics cps:
    "cps:2:20221202143557": 1,
    "cps:2:20221202143613": 1,
    "cps:2:20221202143616": 1

The data is stored on the server memory, and then reset via a time_route everyday (reset_stat) which updates the counters to 0 but the keys persist on my server.
Is there anyway to erase those keys from the memory "cps:2...." Without restarting my server ?
I know I can use an external Redis or MYSQL servers for such purpose , but I'm trying as much as possible to keep everything inside opensips.

Thank you

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