[OpenSIPS-Users] Autoscaler in 3.2.x

Yury Kirsanov y.kirsanov at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 07:57:46 UTC 2022

Hi all,
I've ran into a strange issue, if I enable autoscaler on OpenSIPS 3.2.x
(tried 5,6,7 and now 8) on a server without any load using 'socket'
statement like this:

auto_scaling_profile = PROFILE_UDP_PRIV
     scale up to 16 on 30% for 4 cycles within 5
     scale down to 2 on 10% for 5 cycles


socket=udp:10.x.x.x:5060 use_auto_scaling_profile PROFILE_UDP_PRIV

then after a while OpenSIPS load goes up to some high number, autoscaler
starts to open new processes up to a maximum number specified in profile
and them load stays at that number, for example:

opensips-cli -x mi get_statistics load
    "load:load": 60

It never changes and looks just 'stuck'.

Any ideas why this is happening in my case? Or should I file a bug report?

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