[OpenSIPS-Users] Problem with fix_nated_contact

Yury Kirsanov y.kirsanov at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 10:43:57 UTC 2022

I'm using OpenSIPS 3.2.4 and recently run into following issue:

Imagine simplest proxy setup - OpenSIPS just accepts new packet, for
example INVITE, changes destination using 'sethostport(....)' and then
issues 't_relay()' to forward the packet. Let's ignore replies and so on.

If I'm doing a 'fix_nated_contact()' before sending this packet I'm
expecting Contact: field to be replaced with a source IP:port as per
manual. And this works if the Contact is in simple form like '
sip:7777777 at'.

But if following Contact comes in OpenSIPS doesn't change it leaving
private IP in the contact:

'Contact: sip:7777777 at;rinstance=2f59b175103f1088'

Can you please let me know why is that happening? Thanks!

Best regards,
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