[OpenSIPS-Users] Tracing REGISTER with HEP

Alana Heim aheim at pindrop.com
Thu Sep 16 14:54:25 EST 2021

We are on OpenSIPS 3.2.2 and are attempting to trace REGISTER messages
coming in. We have the following in opensips.cfg, with the IP address

    if (is_method("REGISTER")) {
       sl_send_reply(200, "OK");
       if ($var(sipcapture_host) != "disabled") {
           trace("tid", "t", "sip|xlog", "opensips@<IP Address>");

With this configuration, we are not seeing REGISTERs coming in to our
capture box. We know tracing is otherwise working because we do receive
dialogs when tracing INVITEs. Is there something else we can do? Thank you


*Alana Heim*

*Software Engineer*

E: aheim at pindrop.com
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