[OpenSIPS-Users] dlg_sharing_tag behaviour in an active/backup setup

solarmon solarmon at one-n.co.uk
Tue Jul 13 13:08:48 EST 2021

Hi Liviu,

I took and used the 'recommended' config as advised at

Having to rely on an(other) script to 'fix' the issue does not sound like a
good idea, but I'll look into it further and try to understand it.

Thank you.

On Tue, 13 Jul 2021 at 12:59, Liviu Chircu <liviu at opensips.org> wrote:

> On 25.06.2021 15:12, solarmon wrote:
> The typical recommended configuration for an active/standby setup would be:
> node1:
> modparam("dialog", "dlg_sharing_tag", "vip=active")
> node2:
> modparam("dialog", "dlg_sharing_tag", "vip=backup")
> How can this be properly resolved or managed for these situations where
> you want to take down an opensips node for maintenance?
> Hi,
> Actually, I would recommend starting with "backup / backup" (!!) to
> prevent exactly the scenario you described above, where you take down the
> former-active node for maintenance, yet it boots in "active" mode,
> completely opposite to the state of the VIP.
> Now, in order to fix the state where both tags are in "backup" mode, you'd
> deploy an external check-script that periodically scans the tag statuses
> and fixes a "backup" tag to "active" whenever a box owns the VIP.
> Best Regards,
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