[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS - Asterisk issue

Dinesh Krishnamurthy krishdinesh at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 28 17:33:16 EST 2021

I am integrating OpenSIPS and Asterisk to use Asterisk to play media (typical media treatment)
I have a softphone registered to OpenSIPS and when i call a specific number, a simple prompt needs to be played from asterisk. I have the sip configuration and also extensions.conf file setup.
When i call the specific number, the SIP messages are exchanged but the call drops stating calling number not found (i have the number configured in asterisk though). In OpenSIPS.cfg all i am doing is just calling the function  sethostport("<Asterisk IP>:5060") when receiving the call at this number 
If i register the endpoints directly with Asterisk, i can hear the announcement as expected.
Not sure if i am missing something or is there anything that needs to be set specifically in OpenSIPS for this to work? 
Thank you,DK
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