[OpenSIPS-Users] Rate_Cacher

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Mon Jan 25 09:21:34 EST 2021

On 18.01.2021 10:41, zozon wrote:
> the functionality of rate_cacher would be enough for me. therefore I was wondering, when the
> beta/production version could be expected. Any milestones you could share?


I've just updated rate_cacher's status from "alpha" to "beta", as it 
passed the OpenSIPS 3.1 beta
testing phase, after all.

At the time when I reviewed the rate cacher Pull Request, the code 
seemed quite healthy.  Moreover,
let's not forget that it's likely running in production as we're 
speaking right now.

So please give it a spin and report any issues you may run into on 
GitHub - one of the devs will
likely help you out!


Liviu Chircu
www.twitter.com/liviuchircu | www.opensips-solutions.com

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