[OpenSIPS-Users] Question regarding auth_jwt module .

Sasmita Panda spanda at 3clogic.com
Mon Jan 18 11:04:31 EST 2021

Hi All ,

First time I am going to use auth_jwt module in opensips 3.1 .
I have gone through the ppt and video of 2020 opensips Summit .



I have a confusion , please clear this . When we integrate jwt
authentication in jssip . that will get the jwt token from a http server
(example ) . And when it registers itself with Opensips in Register request
it will send the Authorization header with that verified token .

But my question is , how opensips will get the profile tag and the secret
for the token in its mysql table ? Something I am missing . I can't add the
data in mysql at runtime .
Then how opensips will decode the token and Authenticate the register
request .?

Please do suggest .

*Thanks & Regards*
*Sasmita Panda*
*Senior Network Testing and Software Engineer*
*3CLogic , ph:07827611765*
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