[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPs w/ Fail2Ban - Config ERROR cannot restart OpenSIPS after changes to OpenSIPs.cfg

Rick McGill - ₪ rick at netrovoip.com
Fri Feb 12 07:25:51 EST 2021

Dear Liviu,

Ah I see now.  I was following a link from Google to that URL for directions to change the code so that OpenSIP could log and use Fail2Ban.
If I dug deeper to find the page on the site that linked to that page I would have saw it mentioned 2.4.  I found it now.

Not sure how to proceed as the code from 0 to Auth and all combinations I try to change only causes my OpenSIPS to not load because of bad cfg file.
If I find some solution I will take your suggestion and document it for the Wifi.

Regards, Rick
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On 11.02.2021 09:16, Rick McGill - ₪ wrote:
> I have tried to enter it as '0" as per the instructions in URL link 
> above but that is when it then causes OpenSIPS to not be able to 
> restart.

Hi, Rick!

It seems that the Fail2ban tutorial is compatible with OpenSIPS 2.4 at best, rather than "any ver", as it said.  I've changed the wiki to reflect this, thanks!

In 3.1, the equivalent of www_challenge("", "0") is www_challenge("",
"auth") indeed, as you suggested.

PS: once you get this working, you are free to create a wiki account and create/edit the
https://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Tutorials-Fail2Ban-3-1 updated tutorial page and link it in the tutorials list, for others to use in the future!  If you need help with linking it alongside "ver 2.4", let me know!


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