[OpenSIPS-Users] Issue Using avp_db_query()

Mark Farmer farmorg at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 17:19:51 EST 2021

Hello everyone.

I am trying to do a database lookup using avp_db_query() and getting an
error in my log:

ERROR:core:get_cmd_fixups: Variable in param [2] is not a string
ERROR:core:do_action: Failed to get fixups for command <avp_db_query>

It seems the query is erroring as $rc is always -1

CUSTOM_LOG: DB Query Return Code: -1

I have a database connection setup with a numerical ID.
This is my avp_db_query() line:

avp_db_query("SELECT customer FROM customer_sbcs WHERE sbc1 =
'$avp(sbc)'",$avp(custID), 1);

$avp(sbc) is set just before and has a valid text value that should match.

Is anyone able to tell me where I am going wrong please?

Many thanks!
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