[OpenSIPS-Users] Media Exchange API media_fork_to_uri

Eugene Christensen echristensen at sorenson.com
Mon Feb 1 21:22:03 EST 2021


I'm trying to use the Media Exchange module and can't seem to get it to work as I wish.

I've enabled RTPProxy and have that working to anchor media for a SIP call with the OpenSIPS server.  In the script I have the following code in the route section of the code:

        # account only INVITEs
        if (is_method("INVITE")) {

                xlog("Received INVITE ... start dialog, rtpproxy and then fork media\n");
                media_fork_to_uri("sip:12223334444 at", "caller");


I see the following errors:

Jan 29 22:31:51 ip-172-31-6-99 /usr/local/sbin/opensips[17084]: ERROR:media_exchange:uri2sock: no corresponding socket for af 2
Jan 29 22:31:51 ip-172-31-6-99 /usr/local/sbin/opensips[17084]: ERROR:media_exchange:media_fork_to_uri: could not find suitable socket for originating traffic to sip:1222333444 at

Any ideas what I am missing in my attempt?

Is there a primer on the use of the media exchange module?  Specifically with this particular API?

Thank you.

Eugene Christensen.

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