[OpenSIPS-Users] dialog-dlg-repl - not synced

Alexey Kazantsev kurgan-rus at inbox.ru
Wed Aug 25 10:30:41 EST 2021

If I also enable profile replication, MI command shows that it’s synced successfully,
with the same settings as for other types of replication.
But the dialogs and dr_gateways status is not synced, according to MI output,
and I can not understand what’s wrong with the configuration.
Why something is synced and other is not.
modparam("clusterer", "my_node_info",             "cluster_id=1,node_id=1,url=bin:,seed")
modparam("clusterer", "neighbor_node_info",    "cluster_id=1,node_id=2,url=bin:")
modparam("clusterer", "sharing_tag", "vip/1=active")
modparam("dialog", "profiles_no_value", "inbound/b; outbound/b;")
modparam("dialog", "dialog_replication_cluster", 1)
modparam("dialog", "profile_replication_cluster", 1)
modparam("drouting", "cluster_id", 1)
modparam("drouting", "cluster_sharing_tag", "vip")
voip ~ # opensips-cli -x mi clusterer_list_cap
    "Clusters": [
            "cluster_id": 1,
            "Capabilities": [
                    "name": "drouting-status-repl",
                    "state": "not synced"
                    "name": "dialog-dlg-repl",
                    "state": "not synced"
                    "name": "dialog-prof-repl",
                    "state": "Ok"

BR, Alexey
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