[OpenSIPS-Users] Need help installing opensips-3.2 in centos 7 .

Sasmita Panda spanda at 3clogic.com
Tue Aug 17 10:40:12 EST 2021

Hi All ,

I was trying to build opensips-3.2 from git . I am blocked in the
tls_wolfssl module . I don't need this
module . Is there any way to exclude this module?

If this is by default included the do let me know how to solve the error
below .

*make[1]: Entering directory
`/opt/opensips-3.2/modules/tls_wolfssl'configure: error: cannot find
install-sh, install.sh, or shtool in build-aux "."/build-auxmake[1]: ***
[lib/lib/libwolfssl.a] Error 1make[1]: Leaving directory
`/opt/opensips-3.2/modules/tls_wolfssl'make: *** [modules] Error 2*

*What should I do for this ? shtool is already installed . *

*Thanks & Regards*
*Sasmita Panda*
*Senior Network Testing and Software Engineer*
*3CLogic , ph:07827611765*
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