[OpenSIPS-Users] use of scenario_id in b2b_init_request

xaled at web.de xaled at web.de
Fri Apr 9 15:49:49 EST 2021


I'm trying to understand the B2B module in 3.2 and don't quite get the meaning of scenario_id in b2b_init_request function.

There are multiple examples that use different values in scenario_id

b2b_init_request("prepaid"); or b2b_init_request("refer"); but the values "prepaid" or "refer" not used to differentiate anything within route[b2b_logic_request] or anywhere else in documentation. 

I get the meaning of req_route parameter of b2b_init_request function to address different B2b logic using different routes, but what does the scenario_id used for?


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