[OpenSIPS-Users] rtpengine_manage() fails when called from failure_route[] with additional flags.

Vitalii Aleksandrov vitalik.voip at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 08:09:17 EST 2019


I use only rtpengine_manage() function of 
rtpengine_{offer,answer,delete} and it is called from different 
locations like request_route, onreply_route, failure_route.

To have everything in one place I call a route[RTPENGINE_MANAGE] which 
in its turn prepares rtpengine parameters string (ICE, profiles, flags) 
and calls rtpengine_manage(). When this route is called from 
failure_route rtpengine_manage() is supposed to behave like 
rtpengine_delete() and it does. The only problem is that when it 
receives flags in its parameters string (no-rtcp-attribute in my case) 
it fails with "rtpengine:parse_flags: error processing flag 
`no-rtcp-attribute': no more memory" message instead of just ignoring 
useless for delete operation parameters.

Attaching the patch that fixed this problem for me. Not sure if this is 
a bug or lack of module documentation.

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