[OpenSIPS-Users] locally generated replies

Pasan Meemaduma pasandev at ymail.com
Wed Feb 13 02:36:44 EST 2019

Hi Guys,
How's it possible locally generated replied triggering on_reply_route ? I ran in to issue where all opensips process gets stuck in processing same call replies and causing other traffic to get drop.

<info> /usr/sbin/opensips[27464]: Call: Reply from a NAT endpoint - S=408 D=Request Timeout F=sip:xxx at xxx T=sip:yyy
yy at x IP=a.b.c.d ID=asgasgasgas
Request process by opensips before this is an ACK request belong to the call where I don't think It'll expect a reply. Could it be an issue If I call t_on_reply on an ACK msg ?
I'm trying to figure out where the bug in my opensips routing script.  It causes all sip listerner processes to get stuck in a loop causing to generate above message. IP a.b.c.d is the sip server IP which confuse me as locally generated replies shouldn't trigger on_reply_route as per docs.

Any clue is welcome.
I'm using opensips 2.3.6
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