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Pasan Meemaduma pasandev at ymail.com
Mon Feb 4 03:17:16 EST 2019

 Thanks for the reply Bogdan, After controlling what needs to be trace using hep, I was able to eliminate the above error. Its not happening now, It appears to be related with trying to capture all brute-force scan pkt causing the issue. But I'm not 100% sure, I'll try to do what you suggest and see how it goes.

    On Monday, 4 February 2019, 1:20:46 PM GMT+5:30, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu <bogdan at opensips.org> wrote:  
  Hi Pasan,
 The "Resource temporarily unavailable" is similar to EAGAIN or EWOULDBLOCK - meaning that the send will block. But this is an UDP protocol, so there is nothing much to block - as UDP is a stateless protocol. Unless it is the buffer in the TCP/IP stack,between the application layer and the actual network layer - like the opensips is bursting data, but the kernel has no time to actually put it on wire.
 Try to monitor with netstat the size of the out buffer for the hep socket (on opensips side), and see if you see buffered data there (especially correlated with the logs you see).
  Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

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 On 01/16/2019 05:06 AM, Pasan Meemaduma via Users wrote:
 Hi Guys, 
  I have following setup for homer integration with opensips. I'm having an issue where opensips complains with following error time to time. I tried tuning up  buffer sizes, but it doesn't seems to help. Any suggestion on how to get rid of this ? 
  I'm using opensips 2.3.6
  <err> /usr/sbin/opensips[27139]: ERROR:proto_hep:hep_udp_send: sendto(sock,0x7fc2facaff58,5792,0,0x7fc2fa84d858,16): Resource temporarily unavailable(11) 
  sip traffic  ->   internet facing interface (public ip) (opensips)                         internal admin interface (private ip ) udp:9060  ---- >   udp:9060 internal admin interface (private ip)  (opensips sip capturer) 
  When the above error pops out it appears all legit connections get drop too for a brief period. I tried to increate send/recev buffer sizes, but that didn't help. 
  net.core.rmem_max net.core.rmem_default 
   net.core.wmem_max net.core.wmem_default
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