[OpenSIPS-Users] Clusterer and Full Sharing USRLOC sync state/persistence

vasilevalex alexei.vasilyev at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 02:28:44 EDT 2018

Hi Jock.

I also use full-sharing cluster with just two nodes. Everything in memory,
no DB.

Do you have "seed" node? Because without it, as far as I tested, it is
impossible to get out from "not synced state". All nodes unsynced so no one
can be taken as trusted point.

I made seed flag for one server. So the second server starts and trusts seed
node. If I restart seeding node, it starts clean (and this state is
considered trusted and synced for itself) then I have to run "opensipsctl
fifo ul_cluster_sync" on it to add all the data from cluster to it's clean
state. So it became synced and containing all data.

May be this is not the best way, but I don't know, how also can be solved
this state.

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