[OpenSIPS-Users] Clustered User Location Full Sharing persistency and Cassandra

Jock McKechnie jock.mckechnie at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 11:40:08 EDT 2018

Good morning;

We are attempting to implement a Full Sharing topology User Location
cluster and I'm trying to make sense of whether this can work with
Cassandra or not.

At present we have a four-node cluster (across two datacentres)
working in an in-memory state, with the nodes seeding from each other
(by setting the clusterer node definition flags field to 'NULL' for
all nodes). We'd like to consider having the data set stored to a
Cassandra cluster should we require a complete OpenSIPS cluster
restart, however the following line in the USRLOC documentation has me

"Currently, registrations may optionally be fully managed inside NoSQL
databases which support key/multi-value column-like associations.
Example known backends to support these abstractions at the time of
writing are MongoDB and Cassandra. Of these two, only the MongoDB
OpenSIPS driver has been so far extended to implement the required
NoSQL API endpoints."

I read this to say that while both MongoDB and Cassandra can do what
is required, only the MongoDB OpenSIPS modules are currently in a
state to support it. Is this correct?

I can't even work out what RPM the Cassandra module is in, which
doesn't help with me attempting to test. :)

My thanks for the clarification;

 - Jock

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