[OpenSIPS-Users] dialog replication

Pasan Meemaduma pasandev at ymail.com
Tue Mar 6 20:55:43 EST 2018

Hi Vlad, 
Thanks for your tip. I'll give it try. 

    On Tuesday, 6 March 2018, 19:57, Vlad Patrascu <vladp at opensips.org> wrote:

  Hi Pasan, You could have another OpenSIPS instance that exposes the service IP, in front of the 2 clustered HA nodes. Calls would first land on this box and then would be dispatched to one of the 2 floating IPs. You could for example hash over the From tag or Callid in order to send to the same IP.
  Vlad Patrascu
OpenSIPS Developer
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