[OpenSIPS-Users] nathelper and mid_register

Jim DeVito jim at devito.cc
Thu Oct 26 10:08:44 EDT 2017

Hi All,

So if I call fix_nated_contact(); before mid_registrar_save(); It will
correctly rewrite the Contact URI with the recived IP:PORT however it
mid_register is then not able to append the contact_match_param to the new
Contact URI.

The script looks like this...

if (is_method("REGISTER")) {

It fails with this error.

ERROR:mid_registrar:overwrite_all_contact_hostports: SCRIPT BUG - second
attempt to change URI Contact

ERROR:mid_registrar:mid_reg_req_fwded: failed to overwrite Contact URI

Thoughts? And Thanks!!

Jim DeVito
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