[OpenSIPS-Users] Dealing with duplicate packet's.

Kevin Stewart Kevin.Stewart at vocusgroup.co.nz
Thu Oct 19 17:41:05 EDT 2017

I am having some issues with intermittent packet duplication in the network. 

what this looks like currently is
opensips gets 2 identical Invite packets.
opensips processes them returning 2 401's with 2 different nonce values.

opensips then gets 2 Authed Invite packets
processes the first one and invalidates the nonce.
another thread is simultaneously processing the other one and sees the invalid nonce and returns a 401.
the first thread forwards the valid invite and 100's to the A party and eventual returns a 180 but the A party ignores this because it got a terminal response (401) for that invite.

I was wondering is there a mechanism do identify duplicate CSeq numbers in a session so we can drop them in opensips?

Yes I am trying to get the source of the duplication identified but it is currently breaking authentication and call setup.

Kevin Stewart | Senior VOIP Network Engineer
D: +64 9 919 6120E: Kevin.Stewart at vocusgroup.co.nz
M: +64 21 879 057W: vocusgroup.co.nz
A: Level 4, 191 Queen Street, Auckland 1010

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