[OpenSIPS-Users] call_center module in Opensips 2.3

Hristo Donev nocbgtelcom at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 16:06:12 EST 2017

Hello All,

I try to implement call_center module in Opensips 2.3.
Here are my questions?

1. From the documentation 1.3.1:
"b2b_logic" and "database" must be loaded before callcenter module.

I found out that "b2b_entities" should be loaded as well, otherwise the
opensips does not start.

Is this my mistake or a documentation error?

2. Opensips can not start if the tables  "cc_agents" and "cc_flow" are
Why it cannot start? Should they be populated with some data?

3. Table "cc_agents", field "location" should point to the SIP agent
If the agent's IP and port are changed dynamically -
how to copy automatically "contact" field from "location" table to
"cc_agents" field "location"?

I would be grateful to receive a response for my questions.

Thanks in advance,
Hristo Donev
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