[OpenSIPS-Users] Control Panel 6.2 doesn´t work with postgres and using user management

M L td_ml2 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 29 05:11:45 EDT 2017


I just want to give a heads-up that control panel 6.2 does not work with postgres when using user management. It gives some MDB2 errors.

It is related to changed behaviour of select syntax between 6.1 and 6.2.

In 6.2 you will find this select syntax in user_management.main.php

Line 185

$sql_command="from ".$table." s ".$sql_search." order by s.id asc";

Line 193

$resultset = $link->queryAll("select count(*) ".$sql_command);

In 6.1 that still works with postgres for user management and opensips 2.2 select syntax is:

Line 157

$sql_command="select * from ".$table." s where (1=1) ".$sql_search." order by s.id asc";

Line 166

$resultset = $link->queryAll($sql_command);

Not sure reason of why select syntax is changed in 6.2 but you should correct it so it works for postgres. Meanwhile a workaround is to use cp 6.1 if you use pgsql as db for opensips.


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