[OpenSIPS-Users] AVP + rest_post with utf-8 values

SamyGo govoiper at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 12:55:10 EDT 2017


I've a specific problem with avps containing values in language other than
English. For example an avp(test) holding a Chinese character gets
converted to ? while passing to some rest_post URL.


$avp(test) = $fn;
xlog("L_INFO","Got Display Name: $avp(test) \n");
rest_post("$avp(url)","$avp(test)" ....);

The output in x-log line stays correct but the webserver gets the value of
$avp(test) converted in "...??.."

I've tried to add the charset=utf-8 in the content-type header but it
doesn't help.

Looking forward to get some hints/help on this.

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