[OpenSIPS-Users] Help with B2B marketing scenario - receiving 491 Request Pending from GW

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Mon Mar 20 10:46:38 EDT 2017

Hi Andy,

Could you post a pcap showing the whole flow from the B2B perspective - 
it will simpler to understand the problem.


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On 03/14/2017 02:51 PM, Andreas Bøckmann wrote:
> Hello
> I am trying to use the B2B marketing scenario example as shown here 
> <https://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Tutorials-B2BUA#toc14> with 
> the exception that I have another OpenSIPS instance running between 
> B2B and other parties except MediaServer.
> opensipsctl fifo b2b_trigger_scenario marketing 
> sip:+4712345 at my.domain.com <mailto:sip%3A%2B4712345 at my.domain.com> 
> sip:+4723456 at <mailto:sip%3A%2B4723456 at> 
> sip:+4723456 at my.domain.com <mailto:sip%3A%2B4723456 at my.domain.com>
> This executes as something like:
> a)  B2B sends INVITE to Proxy (my.domain.com <http://my.domain.com>) 
> towards 4712345.
> b)  Proxy sends this call to PSTN-GW and it works
> c)  B2B sends INVITE to MediaServer ( and RTP flows correctly.
> d)  B2B received BYE from MediaServer
> e)  B2B sends INVITE to Proxy (my.domain.com <http://my.domain.com>) 
> towards 4723456
> f)   Proxy sends this call to PSTN-GW
> g)  PSTN-GW responds 491 Request Pending for this call
> My B2B is running the script found here 
> <http://pastebin.com/gjYZjQq6> and the Proxy is running the script 
> found here <http://pastebin.com/7Zge8jZM>
> RFC 3261, 14.1 UAC Behavior States:
> UAC MUST NOT initiate a new INVITE transaction within a dialog while 
> another INVITE transaction is in progress in either direction. If 
> there is an ongoing INVITE client transaction, the TU MUST wait until 
> the transaction reaches the completed or terminated state before 
> initiating the new INVITE.
> Can anybody help me spot where my error is?
> Thank you!
> Kind regards,
> Andy
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