[OpenSIPS-Users] Help with B2B marketing scenario - receiving 491 Request Pending from GW

Andreas Bøckmann monkeilas at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 08:51:59 EDT 2017


I am trying to use the B2B marketing scenario example as shown here
<https://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Tutorials-B2BUA#toc14> with the
exception that I have another OpenSIPS instance running between B2B and
other parties except MediaServer.

opensipsctl fifo b2b_trigger_scenario marketing sip:+4712345 at my.domain.com
sip:+4723456 at sip:+4723456 at my.domain.com

This executes as something like:

a)  B2B sends INVITE to Proxy (my.domain.com) towards 4712345.
b)  Proxy sends this call to PSTN-GW and it works
c)  B2B sends INVITE to MediaServer ( and RTP flows correctly.
d)  B2B received BYE from MediaServer

e)  B2B sends INVITE to Proxy (my.domain.com) towards 4723456
f)   Proxy sends this call to PSTN-GW
g)  PSTN-GW responds 491 Request Pending for this call

My B2B is running the script found here <http://pastebin.com/gjYZjQq6> and
the Proxy is running the script found here <http://pastebin.com/7Zge8jZM>

RFC 3261, 14.1 UAC Behavior States:
UAC MUST NOT initiate a new INVITE transaction within a dialog while
another INVITE transaction is in progress in either direction. If there is
an ongoing INVITE client transaction, the TU MUST wait until the
transaction reaches the completed or terminated state before initiating the

Can anybody help me spot where my error is?

Thank you!

Kind regards,
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