[OpenSIPS-Users] Installation Issue

Alexander Jankowsky E75A4669 at exemail.com.au
Sat Jun 10 07:45:03 EDT 2017


You can just leave it as it is without changing it, without touching it, don’t even check it, that may be far simpler.

Other than that, just make sure you actually save whatever changes you make there straight away.


If you re-check it again, make sure that it has not gone back to default, to other than what you had chosen.

That is why I usually do not even touch it and the default path is shorter anyway and there is less to change.

Whichever way you go, you will still need to correctly amend some paths in some other Opensips files anyway.





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Hello Gents,

I'm trying to install OpenSIPS 2.3 and I think I have an issue in the prefix installation, from the menuconfig I selected: /usr/local/OpenSIPS_Install:

But after the installation I did not see anything inside the folder that I selected "OpenSIPS_Install" and I found other files in different folder:

root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local# cd OpenSIPS_Install/
root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local/OpenSIPS_Install# ls

root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local/OpenSIPS_Install# cd /usr/local/etc
root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local/etc# ls
root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local/etc# cd opensips/
root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local/etc/opensips# ls
opensips.cfg  opensipsctlrc  osipsconsolerc

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