[OpenSIPS-Users] Installation Issue

Voice TAC tac.voice at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 07:07:34 EDT 2017

Hello Gents,

I'm trying to install OpenSIPS 2.3 and I think I have an issue in the
prefix installation, from the menuconfig I selected:

[image: Inline image 1]

But after the installation I did not see anything inside the folder that I
selected "OpenSIPS_Install" and I found other files in different folder:

root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local# cd OpenSIPS_Install/
root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local/OpenSIPS_Install# ls

root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local/OpenSIPS_Install# cd /usr/local/etc
root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local/etc# ls
root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local/etc# cd opensips/
root at OpenSIPS:/usr/local/etc/opensips# ls
opensips.cfg  opensipsctlrc  osipsconsolerc
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