[OpenSIPS-Users] Record-Route port is not the same as local used port

Royee Tichauer royee.tichauer at vonage.com
Sun Dec 17 06:41:46 EST 2017


I am using opensips 2.1. I have an opensips server acting as a proxy using
the dispatcher module. The destinations in the dispatcher table are TCP
destinations with a destination port of 10000. From sniffing the network I
see that opensips picks a random local port to send TCP messages from.

If I use record_route() from my configuration then the rr header thats
added to the SIP message contains my proxy IP and port 10000 instead of the
actual port used. Of course when I receive following SIP messages I will
receive them through 10000 and reject them as not coming in through the
right port.

What am I missing here?

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