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Răzvan Crainea razvan at opensips.org
Mon Nov 7 13:45:19 CET 2016

Hi, Denis!

Can you please detail a bit what you are trying to achieve? In the trace 
attached, all I can see is that OpenSIPS doesn't authenticate the UA - I 
don't see why it should even try to send the INVITE anywhere.
However, if you are saying that you see both lines in the log, it means 
at a certain point the INVITE was authenticated and the topo-hiding was 
engaged. Did you try setting the port before calling b2b_init_request(), 
in route(1)?


Răzvan Crainea
OpenSIPS Solutions

On 11/07/2016 02:20 PM, Denis wrote:
> B2B top hiding Hello!
> Opensips 2.2.2.
> I want to make an installation of Opensips which  will include auth 
> and top hiding functionality.
> First of all, in the main route, i catch INVITE
> "if  (is_method("INVITE") && !has_totag()) {
> route(1);
> exit;
> }"
> then, in route [1], i make some auth procedure using 
> "pv_proxy_authorize" and "proxy_authorize" functions
> if auth procedure is successful i make
> "xlog("L_INFO", "Route1:$rm was received with auth (IP=$si, IPD=$rd, 
> CALLID=$ci, FROMTAG=$ft, TOTAG=$tt, AUTH=$au) AND B2B prepared");
> b2b_init_request("top hiding");
> exit;"
> In the local route i try to edit port of the destination, using
> "xlog("L_INFO", "Local:$rm was received with auth (IP=$si, IPD=$rd, 
> CALLID=$ci, FROMTAG=$ft, TOTAG=$tt, AUTH=$au)");
>  rewritehostport("");"
> where - ip address of Opensips.
> In attachment you can see debug of unsuccessful call, where
> - ip address of Opensips.
> - caller SIP UA
> I can see in syslog both messages, in local route and in route [1].
> As you can see from the debug Opensips doesn`t try to send INVITE to 
> Thank you for any help.
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