[OpenSIPS-Users] Bare Bones

Alexander Shukaev opensips at Alexander.Shukaev.name
Thu Oct 29 23:39:36 CET 2015

So, here I attach the corresponding Wireshark log.  Would be nice if you 
could look through that too.  Thanks!

On 29.10.2015 22:15, Alexander Shukaev wrote:
> I think I've made some progress.  It looks like my custom
> 'opensipsctlrc' was overwritten by package upgrade.  When I restored
> it to proper settings with PostgreSQL, it now shows different problem
> in Ekiga.  Before when I tried to register it would give me
> "Processing..." for quite some time and then "Could not register (Too
> many hops)".  Now it seems to find OpenSIPS properly as it does not
> even show "Processing..." anymore but rather immediately "Could not
> register (Unauthorized)".  Any ideas, guys?  Thanks.
> On 29.10.2015 04:38, Alexander Shukaev wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Complete VoIP, SIP, and OpenSIPS newbie here.  So far, I've been able
>> to build OpenSIPS, establish PostgreSQL server, run both, and add 2
>> subscribers into DB.  Unfortunately, testing from Ekiga, gives me the
>> "Could not register (Too many hops)" error when I try to register one
>> of those subscribers in it.  Could anybody lend a hand here and guide
>> me through this process.  The goal is to at least be able to send a
>> message between those 2 subscribers and at most to establish a phone
>> call between them.  I know that this can be a misconfiguration issue
>> from my side and that the information I provide here is brief, but I
>> am ready to expand any point if that's needed for progress; just let
>> me know which logs, configurations, etc. I should post.  Thank you in
>> advance for your assistance.
>> Kind regards,
>> Alexander
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