[OpenSIPS-Users] Bare Bones

Alexander Shukaev opensips at Alexander.Shukaev.name
Thu Oct 29 22:15:16 CET 2015

I think I've made some progress.  It looks like my custom 
'opensipsctlrc' was overwritten by package upgrade.  When I restored it 
to proper settings with PostgreSQL, it now shows different problem in 
Ekiga.  Before when I tried to register it would give me "Processing..." 
for quite some time and then "Could not register (Too many hops)".  Now 
it seems to find OpenSIPS properly as it does not even show 
"Processing..." anymore but rather immediately "Could not register 
(Unauthorized)".  Any ideas, guys?  Thanks.

On 29.10.2015 04:38, Alexander Shukaev wrote:
> Hello,
> Complete VoIP, SIP, and OpenSIPS newbie here.  So far, I've been able
> to build OpenSIPS, establish PostgreSQL server, run both, and add 2
> subscribers into DB.  Unfortunately, testing from Ekiga, gives me the
> "Could not register (Too many hops)" error when I try to register one
> of those subscribers in it.  Could anybody lend a hand here and guide
> me through this process.  The goal is to at least be able to send a
> message between those 2 subscribers and at most to establish a phone
> call between them.  I know that this can be a misconfiguration issue
> from my side and that the information I provide here is brief, but I
> am ready to expand any point if that's needed for progress; just let
> me know which logs, configurations, etc. I should post.  Thank you in
> advance for your assistance.
> Kind regards,
> Alexander
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