[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS + Ekiga + Linphone: Could not send message: Forbidden

Jeff Pyle jeff.pyle at fidelityvoice.com
Tue Nov 3 04:05:41 CET 2015


Your capture has two packets, a MESSAGE from Ekiga to Opensips, and a 407
Proxy Auth Required reply from Opensips to Ekiga.  When Ekiga tells
you "NOTICE: Could not send message: Unauthorised", it's correct given the
capture, but the real question is why Ekiga didn't try to use
authentication at that point.  Instead it just stopped and showed the error.

I can't speak any more to Ekiga; I've never tried it.  If you're looking
for other options, one may be Blink[1].  I've used it on Mac OSX with a lot
of success.  I've found its mailing list[2] to be active with prompt
responses from the developers.

[1] http://projects.ag-projects.com/projects/documentation/wiki/Repositories
[2] http://support.icanblink.com/

- Jeff

On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 7:41 PM, Alexander Shukaev <
opensips at alexander.shukaev.name> wrote:

> You are the Bo$$, Jeff.  Exactly, that was the case.  Although the data
> for the user registration was correct in Ekiga (and I also have no idea how
> the registration even passed), I decided to simply deregister and register
> again.  As a result, I can now call from Ekiga to Linphone too, but there
> is a still a problem with IM, a different one though.  Now Ekiga reports
> "NOTICE: Could not send message: Unauthorised" for IMs, and now I also
> understand why (thanks to your previous response): it does not send
> "Proxy-Authorization" anymore (see the attachment)!  I begin to think that
> Ekiga is merely bugged, though I've heard lots of positive reviews on it,
> including facts that it can be considered a mature piece of software.  So I
> still hope that this could be my misconfiguration on the OpenSIPS side and
> if anybody can point me to it, I'd be very grateful.  Otherwise, I guess I
> better off with another softphone client anyway.
> Kind regards,
> Alexander
> On 02.11.2015 21:54, Jeff Pyle wrote:
>> Alexander,
>> First, let me say I do not use Opensips for instant message or related
>> operations.  Looking at your capture, however, I may have a thought.
>> Let's look at the headers from Ekiga's authenticated MESSAGE:
>> U 2015/10/31 13:02:54.844064 [1] ->
>>> [2]
>>> MESSAGE sip:5678 at SIP/2.0.
>>> CSeq: 17 MESSAGE.
>>> Via: SIP/2.0/UDP
>> ;branch=z9hG4bK4ef094e5-5e7e-e511-8953-0008cafa0605;rport.
>>> User-Agent: Ekiga/4.0.1. [3]
>>> From: <sip:5678 at [4]>.
>>> Call-ID: 868b94e5-5e7e-e511-8953-0008cafa0605 at G75VW.
>>> To: <sip:5678 at>.
>>> Proxy-Authorization: Digest username="1234", realm="",
>>> nonce="5634f45c0000000f04ee114e87bbede48ba1228797acae09",
>>> uri="sip:5678 at", algorithm=MD5,
>>> response="4f5373eb311376dad81cfae2e5122423".
>>> Expires: 5000.
>>> Content-Length: 2.
>>> Content-Type: text/plain;charset=UTF-8.
>>> Max-Forwards: 70.
>> The From header says your Ekiga is configured with 5678, but you're
>> trying to authenticate as 1234 (Proxy-Authorization header).  I
>> believe that is why Opensips returns a 403 Forbidden Auth ID in the
>> subsequent packet.  You probably want 1234 in the From header since it
>> appears you're trying to send the message to 5678.  Perhaps this is a
>> misplaced value in Ekiga's configuration.  I'm surprised you're able
>> to completely a registration.
>> Or, I could be completely wrong.  As I mentioned, I don't do IM over
>> SIP.
>> - Jeff
>> On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 2:49 PM, Alexander Shukaev
>> <opensips at alexander.shukaev.name> wrote:
>> Apologies, I don't want to look like a nasty bumper here, but I
>>> can't believe that nobody has a slightest idea how to approach the
>>> problem. I would be grateful even for a link to mailing
>>> list/forum/community where I could find help with this.
>>> Regards,
>>> Alexander
>>> On 31.10.2015 18:14, Alexander Shukaev wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>>> I'm testing a new setup of OpenSIPS. I have created two accounts
>>>> in
>>>> DB: 1234 and 5678. I run both, Ekiga and Linphone, to test
>>>> communication between these two accounts. So through Ekiga, I
>>>> register 1234 and add 5678 to contacts, while through Linphone, I
>>>> register 5678 and add 1234 to contacts.
>>>> There are two problems that I experience. First of all, within
>>>> Linphone I can do both, IM and call from 5678 to 1234 (Ekiga), and
>>>> in
>>>> Ekiga I can read those IMs and accept calls accordingly, while
>>>> within
>>>> Ekiga I can neither IM nor call from 1234 to 5678 (Linphone) as
>>>> for
>>>> IMs I get "NOTICE: Could not send message: Forbidden" (for calls I
>>>> assume it's the same error, though not shown). I attach the
>>>> corresponding Wireshark log. Secondly, even though I can IM from
>>>> Linphone to Ekiga, the result is strange. In particular, each IM
>>>> arrives twice to Ekiga. In other words, in Linphone I see the IM
>>>> being typed once into chat, while in Ekiga I get two notifications
>>>> for
>>>> each IM and that each IM appears two times in the chat.
>>>> I'm new to OpenSIPS and VoIP in general, and I have no idea how to
>>>> deal with these quirks. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
>>>> in
>>>> advance.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Alexander
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