[OpenSIPS-Users] TCP connection closed after the call is established

Mickael Marrache mickaelmarrache at gmail.com
Wed May 6 10:02:52 CEST 2015

Forget the previous error, it is not related to the issue.


The issue is that when OpenSIPS sends the BYE to the SBC, it opens a new TCP
connection to the SBC but uses a randomly chosen source port, therefore we
don't see the SIP traffic using ngrep since we are filtering using port.


Is there a way to force OpenSIPS to always use port 5060 as source port when
opening TCP connections?


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Subject: TCP connection closed after the call is established




We systematically get the following error with a particular SBC when a BYE
is received:


Apr 30 21:41:47 [11535]: ERROR:core:tcp_read: error reading: Connection
reset by peer

Apr 30 21:41:47 [11535]: ERROR:core:tcp_read_req: failed to read


The components present in the call flow are:


UAC <-> SBC <-> OpenSIPS <-> UAS


The call works fine until a BYE is sent by the UAS to OpenSIPS which doesn't
forward the BYE to the SBC. I know the TCP connection between the SBC and
OpenSIPS is closed after the call is established, and before the BYE is
received. However, I expect OpenSIPS to open a TCP connection with the SBC
so that the BYE can be forwarded.


Any idea?





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